TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator

  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • Hold your settings all day with patent-pending Auto Depth Control Hold your settings all day with patent-pending Auto Depth Control
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • TurnAer XT10 Stand-on Aerator
  • Highest ground clearance in its class. Highest ground clearance in its class.

The new XT10 Stand-on Aerator does serious double duty — with upgrades that move the category up a notch while keeping you on top of your game. You’ll see increased reliability, durability and productivity whether you’re working residential, commercial or on sports turf. For every operator, on many terrains, the XT10 delivers the full package.

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  • See the XT8 seeder attachment in action



Drive more business with a new TurnAer™ XT10 Stand-on Aerator – the solution for turf care professionals who want increased profitability with hassle-free design. With zero-turn agility, optional 60-pound seeder attachment, and unique patent-pending Auto Depth Control tine-setting capacity, the XT10 packs a whole lot of punch.

A 23-hp engine gives you plenty of power for the job with a top aerating speed of 7 mph and 30-inch aerating width, making the XT10 capable of covering two acres of turf per hour. The optional Drop Seeder Attachment allows operators to seed and aerate at the same time, increasing productivity by 50% and doubling profit.

The XT10 features brawnier axles that have been rigorously tested against extreme conditions to provide unsurpassed reliability and durability. Flat tires are a thing of the past thanks to new semi-pneumatic front caster wheels.

With the XT10 we've focused on what matters most, decreased downtime, extra reliability and longevity, and increased worker productivity. Compared to a traditional walk-behind, the XT10 will triple your productivity on the turf.

Key Features

  • Patent-pending auto-depth control – set it once to get a consistent aeration depth all day long.
  • Bigger, stronger axles are 34% stronger built to tackle any job.
  • Patent-pending design with chains outside the aeration area won't clog with soil and debris.
  • Powerful 23-hp engine with cyclonic air cleaner means you won't slow down when aerating.
  • New semi-pneumatic front caster wheels make flat tires a thing of the past.
  • Highest ground clearance in its class (11in.), clears all standard curbs.
  • Zero grease zerks for hassle-free maintenance with easy to access tensioners.
  • Optional drop seeder attachment increases profitability when you can aerate and seed in one pass.
  • Updated electronic foot-controlled tine switch is easier to clean and maintain than mechanical switches.
  • Foot-operated lift-and-lower control on comfortable shock-absorbing platform.
Turfco XT10 Aerator


The XT10 was developed with your business in mind. Aeration season is short and you need to get it done right and done fast. Nimble and powerful zero-turn aerator, the 23 HP engine with cyclonic air cleaner means you won't slow down while aerating. Productivity is measured on the yard, not in the parking lot. Power over ditches and navigate hills with ease and without bogging down or damaging lawns. Foot operated lift control makes it quick and fast.

Auto Depth Control


Our patent-pending Auto Depth Control automatically adapts to changing ground conditions. You can pull consistent plugs in all soil types without having to adjust it throughout the property. Pick the depth you want on the yard and get that same depth all day long regardless of turf conditions. No need to adjust PSI or make other changes. Reduce your turf tearing and eliminate inconsistent core depths. Makes it easy to get the production you need, even from new operators.

Tines from under


Downtime costs you money. Turfco designed the XT10 to be hassle-free. That's why our unique patent-pending drive system keeps chains protected and outside the aeration area so they won't clog up with soil and debris like other designs. Sealed, self-aligning bearings and no grease zerks on the machine means you're on the property, not in the shop. Its rugged reliability and unique design, means you can sell more jobs with the same team making your aeration season more productive and profitable.

Turfco Drop Seeder Attachment


Increase profitability by up to 50% without increasing your time on the property when you add the XT10 Drop Seeder Attachment. Get it done in one pass. The Drop Seeder is easy to mount and remove in minutes. A 2.5 cubic foot hopper holds approximately 60 lbs of seed with a 30" swath to match aeration pattern. The console mounted controls and visible check port make it easy to operate. Grow your business without having to add staff.



This machine allowed me to get more aerating & overseeding jobs done without having to hire extra help. Wish I would have bought this years ago!

Durham, NC

I have run competitor models and there is no comparison! The XT8 is easier to maintain and has a lot more power!

Jaques Lawn Care LLC

Turfco has great aerators: plain and simple. Everyone has their preference and mine is Turfco. We utilize XT5 walk-behinds as well as the ride-on XT10. If you're looking to up your aeration service give them a shot!

Matt F
Delaware Valley Turf

This was my first season with a Turfco stand-on aerator. It was a total game changer. This beast of a machine worked hard all spring and into the summer without missing a beat. I'm thankful I put my hands on this machine at Equip2022 as it solidified that my choice of Turfco was the best move to grow my business. I can't wait to add another one to the fleet.

David E
Everspaugh Lawn Services

Our new XT10 with seeder has drastically increased our daily production. We have consistently been getting 2-4 more houses done per day on average. Meaning more earned revenue with the same costs associated with it! Can’t say enough about customer satisfaction due to the size of plugs and quality of aeration.

Joe M
Frontline Lawn & Landscapes

Purchased the T3100 and the XT10 with seeder attachment. Can’t say enough about the durability both of these machines and boy do they deliver!

James S
Smiley's Lawn Service

Been in this industry since 1992. I wish Turfco ride-on was around a long time ago. Best purchase I ever made. T3100 and the XT10 Ride On Aerator. Not only for quality production but also time and labor saver.

David W
Terradyne Lawn Service
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