TriWave 45 Overseeder

  • TriWave 45 Overseeder
  • TriWave 45 Overseeder
  • TriWave 45 Overseeder
  • TriWave 45 Overseeder
  • TriWave 45 Overseeder
  • TriWave 45 Overseeder

Damaged turf on your field? Weak areas near your goalmouths? Want to improve the overall stand of grass on your high traffic areas? With the TriWave™ 45, greening up your field has never been easier or quicker. You can go green now - you don’t have to wait for the grass to come back next season. Just hook it up to your turf vehicle and quickly seed all your trouble spots in one trip. No tools are required to quickly adjust seed rates and depths to match the conditions you need. Now’s the time to take your field to the next level.

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Overseeding should be done regularly on sports fields to help maintain more uniform and safer playing surfaces. Overseeding also creates better turf density which helps with weed control.

The TriWave™ 45 can overseed and spotseed a variety of turf areas. Patented depth adjusters allow operators to quickly adjust to different turf conditions and seed varieties without tools, so you can simply hook up the machine and go. The TriWave 45 quickly attaches to most turf vehicles, making it convenient and efficient. 

TriWave’s 1-1/2-inch seed spacing, combined with patented floating heads and our WaveBlade™ technology, greatly increases germination. Its creates clean, optimal slit widths for better seed-to-soil contact while keeping turf disruption to a minimum. Our patented seed delivery system places seed directly into the slit. If you want to get great germination with less disruption, demo a TriWave Overseeder.

The TriWaves by Turfco not only provide better germination rates with less waste, but easily adjust for any area of your fields so you get the best results.

As with the many turf professionals who helped in its development, you’ll find the TriWave truly makes a difference on your turf.

Three year warranty

Key Features

  • Hooks up to your favorite turf vehicle and seeds while you turn so you can easily follow contours. No tractor of PTOs required.
  • Patented floating heads follow the ground contour—you won’t miss the low spots or destroy the high spots or unmarked sprinkler heads.
  • Patented seed delivery system puts seed directly into the slit, reducing waste and increasing germination.
  • Patented depth adjustment allows for infinite, in-field adjustment to suit your specific needs, no tools required.
  • Close 1 1/2" spacing increases germination with fewer passes.
  • Dual 18-inch floating heads follow the contour of the ground while the patented seed delivery system works with the WaveBlade technology to optimize seed-to-soil contact with minimal turf disruption.
  • 40" inch application width combine with close seed spacing for optimal results anywhere you need to seed.
TriWave Floating Heads


The Turfco TriWave™ series of overseeders includes our revolutionary patent-pending floating heads that follow the controls of the ground so you won't miss the low spots or damage the high spots or unmarked sprinkler heads. This helps optimize seed-to-soil contact for better germination – up to 30% better. Work more efficiently when you can hook up to your turf vehicle and quickly seed all your trouble spots in one trip.

Turfco Depth Adjustor


Turfco worked directly with sports turf managers to help design the innovative TriWave series of overseeders. The patented quick-adjust depth control is one of the innovations developed to make overseeding more effective and time productive. With quick-adjust you can easily adjust how deep you want to deliver seeds based on the varying conditions. No need for time-wasting mechanical guesswork.

Turfco WaveBlade


Patented WaveBlade technology, counter-rotating at 900 RPM, creates a clean, optimal square slit while minimizing turf disruption. Traditional overseeders create a v-shaped slit, causing seeds to lay on top each other for inconsistent soil contact. TriWave's square slit drops seeds at the right depth and directly onto the soil. The result is up to 30% better germination.