WideSpin 1550 Broadcast Topdresser

  • #1 in topdressing for a reason #1 in topdressing for a reason
  • Low Spread Low Spread
  • Angled Down Angled Down
  • Easy to load hopper Easy to load hopper
  • Even application every time Even application every time
  • Widespread Widespread
  • Even Spread Even Spread
  • Self Cleaning Self Cleaning

Tired of doing wheel-to-wheel spreads, overlapping spreads, dealing with complicated mechanical adjustments and wasting time checking in with your crew to verify spread settings? The Widespin 1550 solves these problems and more. Available in tow behind & truck mount options.


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Topdressing is key to helping your fields stay their best. Topdress to help level the field where minor variations are present, and to create a better growth environment for your turf and reduce thatch while improving conditions for safer play. From soil to sand, compost to crumb, wet or dry, our easy to operate, award winning topdressers always deliver a consistent spread.

Turfco's patented WideSpin™ technology takes topdressing control and precision to unprecedented levels—all while making operation even easier. Everything is easily adjustable for maximum control—belt speed, spinner speed, spinner angle and metering gate. And specially designed twin spinners provide a consistent spread, from super-light to heavy, and everything in between. The Widespin™ 1550 makes calculating and knowing your rates is easier. Adjusting settings is easier. Saving preferred settings is easier. Loading is easier.  And getting the exact spread you want, every time, is easier.

Key Features

  • Patented controller gives you a wider range of rates to choose from and allows you to lock in your favorites using the controller’s four presets. 
  • Hydraulic system and spinner design delivers a consistent, even spread. Go from a new, super-light application to heavy, and everything in between.
  • Know your application rates, and determine how much material you need to budget — all for the first time ever with our on-board calculator
  • Reduce the number of passes and increase productivity with WideSpin edge-to-edge applications.
WS1550 Controller


Know your application rates, calculate the rates you want, and determine how much material you need to budget — all for the first time ever with our on-board calculator. Smart Controller with four programmable presets and rate calculator allows you to make changes at the touch of a button and lock-in your rates.

WideSpin 1550 Hopper


Large, galvanized steel hopper can easily be filled with a front-end loader and requires fewer trips to refill. Load it with a wide variety of topdressing mixtures such as sand, compost, peat and humus, rye grass and blends, as well as crumb rubbers, gypsum, lime and calcine clays.

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Save time and increase the efficiency of your crew. Decrease the number of passes on your fields by up to 720 times per year when compared to the wheel-to-wheel method. You get your fields done faster and your crew can move on to other tasks.