For over 100 years, family-run Turfco Manufacturing Co. has worked closely with sports turf and golf course professionals to engineer turf maintenance technology and equipment to meet their specific needs. We’re driven by a passion for improving the health and playability of their turf, and this unwavering commitment has yielded a continuous series of breakthroughs—innovations rewarded by 16 patents.  Our history includes:

1919: Robert Stanard Kinkead, a veteran of the war, founded National Mower Company, based in St. Paul, MN and began making reel-type, sickle bar and pull-behind lawn mowers that could be hitched to horses or tractors.

1961: In conjunction with golf course superintendents, Turfco introduced the first mechanized topdresser.

1981: Our tow-type Mete-R-Matic® topdresser’s patented ground-drive system ensures a consistent application at variable ground speeds.

1993: Our patented Chevron belt revolutionized topdressing by enabling consistent delivery of all types of material, wet or dry.

1998: Turfco revolutionized topdressing again by bringing an unprecedented quick, light and consistent application to today’s frequent topdressing programs.

2002: Turfco’s patented WideSpin™ Technology delivered unmatched control over how light or heavy material is applied to turf, meeting the growing demands of today’s topdressing programs.

2006: We introduced the next wave in seeding technology and performance with the patent-pending TriWave™ 60-Inch Overseeder.

2009: The new WideSpin™ 1540 EC combines the proven performance of our WideSpin™ technology with an easy-to-use electronic controller—guaranteeing the best spread every time.

And if nearly half a century of experience has taught us one thing, it’s that true insight and innovation comes from being on the sports fields, parks, golf courses and other turf fields that our customers maintain, asking questions and listening to the needs and ideas of those who use the equipment day in and day out. That’s how it all started at Turfco. And that’s how we plan to maintain our innovative edge going forward.