Torrent 2 PTO Debris Blower

  • Torrent 2 PTO Debris Blower
  • Torrent 2 PTO Debris Blower
  • Torrent 2 PTO Debris Blower

Now get the same air power, rugged durability and time-saving features of the popular Turfco Torrent™ 2 blower in a tractor-mounted PTO model. The Torrent™ 2 PTO takes cleanup to a new level of productivity. Whether you're blowing grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores, clearing your cart paths or any other tasks, the Torrent 2 is designed to save you hours in a day. Make sure your operators are working as efficiently as possible with patented MagnaPoint Technology and super fast 360 degree nozzle rotation. Rugged and powerful, it's a versatile machine for use year-round.

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  • Save hours in a day with Turfco Torrent 2 and MagnaPoint technology
  • Turfco's MagnaPoint increases blower effectiveness



Make your crew more productive with the new Torrent™ 2 PTO tractor-mounted debris blower offering great maneuverability, quiet operation and engine-free maintenance. This PTO model connects to a tractor with minimum 20 horsepower and comes equipped with a handheld controller allowing you to switch nozzle direction on the fly. Patented MagnaPoint™ Technology lets you lock-in settings, so your operator gets the most productive angle at every pass, blowing away grass clippings, leaves and heavier aeration cores.

The powerful, patent-pending Turfco Torrent 2 is designed with a focus on making your staff as productive as possible, freeing you up for other tasks. It features a super fast, more precise nozzle rotation to dramatically increase operator productivity.

Optional MagnaPoint™ Technology lets you the set the optimal nozzle angle in the shop so your operator is as productive as possible, saving up to two hours per day in labor.  Add the durability you'd expect from Turfco, along with a 2-year warranty, and this blower instantly becomes the workhorse you need.

Two Year Warranty

Key Features

  • This PTO model lets you run quieter without an additional engine to maintain or repair.

  • Super fast nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity – no need to slow down to wait for the nozzle at the end of each turn.

  • MagnaPoint™ Technology option lets you dial in the exact nozzle direction for unprecedented precision and optimum blower angle every time.
  • Heavy-duty frame and rugged hitch that easily connects to tractors with minimum 20 horsepower.
  • Multiple air speed settings make it quick and easy to adjust blowing force.
  • Closed off deck dramatically reduces debris pickup, decreasing wear on the turbine.
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If your operator is even a few degrees off optimal blowing angle, they can waste hours a day. With optional MagnaPoint Technology you can lock-in settings for the most productive angle at every pass. On-board reference lets you select the optimal setting for the debris you are blowing. Slide the magnetic stops to that angle to ensure most efficient operation.

Torrent 2 Action


Super fast nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity – no need to slow down to wait for the nozzle to catch up at the end of each turn. The Torrent 2 is powerful enough to clear just about anything you need to make your course more playable and pristine. Blows aeration cores just as easily as it does grass clippings and leaves. Point the nozzle straight down and clear off cart paths fast and easy.

Torrent PTO



"We had substantial catch-up after being closed 2-1/2 months (due to Covid-19). We have three Torrents and loved how we could lock and blow the substantial tree clutter into rows for easy pickup. Made the process so much more efficient."

Nicholas Hanson
Director of Agronomy/Landscape, The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands