Mete-R-Matic Topdresser

  • Self-propelled for tight maneuvering. Self-propelled for tight maneuvering.
  • Chevron belt. Chevron belt.
  • Topdress with any material-compost, sand, peat & crumb rubber. Topdress with any material-compost, sand, peat & crumb rubber.
  • Easy to operate. Easy to operate.

The self-propelled Mete-R-Matic Topdresser allows you to easily maneuver around lawns, smaller turf areas and tighter spaces. Ever since Turfco developed the first top dresser in 1961, we've been the industry leader, setting the standard for uniform applications and easy to use designs.



Whether you need to level a lawn, improve drainage or create a seedbed, the Mete-R-MaticTM Topdresser provides the ultimate in spreading capabilities. From spreading compost to topsoil to sand, the patented Chevron belt and Mete-R-Matic system offers the most precise spread available

Key Features

  • Operator controls allow fingertip access to forward, reverse, brakes and throttle.

  • Powered brush and patented Chevron belt eliminates “bridging” problems common in gravity-fed spreaders.

  • Applies all types of material such as compost, sand, peat and crumb rubber, regardless of moisture content.

  • Mete-R-Matic technology maintains a consistent application rate regardless of ground speed.
Mete-R-Matic Self Propelled


Unparalleled consistency regardless of ground speed combined with a self-propelled design make the Mete-R-Matic® topdresser vital to your business. 

Chevron Belt


Our chevron belt to assure a uniform application of all types of wet or dry materials, including: sand, compost, peat and hums, grass seed, crumb rubber, gypsum, lime, and clays. 



"I've owned several other ride on spreader sprayers before I bought the T3100 in January of 2018. The T3100 is by far the most polished spreader sprayer I have ever used! Totally love it and can't wait to replace my other units with more of them in the future."

Robert Stroud
The Turf Doctor

"All the guys love the new T3100, not sure what we did without it!"

Spring Green of Plateville

"I had a few properties that were easier just to walk with my permagreen that I can handle no problem on the T3100."

Cobly Campbell
Bio Turf Management

"The T3100 is so versatile that you're able to treat everything from small residential lawns to large commercial properties. In fact, one of our operators was able to treat 18 acres in 7 hours. We'd never done that before the T3100."

Larry Ginger
American Lawn Care
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