KisCutter Sod Cutter

  • KisCutter Sod Cutter
  • KisCutter Sod Cutter

Cutting sod has never been faster (or easier). The KisCutter™ is the most maneuverable, easy-to-use sod cutter available. With it's revolutionary lightweight design (only 140 lbs), it cuts up to 9,000 square feet per hour, making it as productive as heavier 300-pound unit.

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The Turfco KisCutter™ is lightweight and easy to haul, making it ideal for a variety of sod cutting jobs from sculpting lawns and flower beds, to trimming ball fields. The innovative four-wheel design with pneumatic tires and variable speed rear-wheel friction drive provide excellent maneuverability on virtually any terrain, along with the ability to cut up to 9,000 square feet per hour. Simplified controls are easy to understand and use – just set your depth and go.

At just 140 lbs., including a handle that easily folds down to a height of less than 32-inches, the KisCutter™ is also the easiest commercial- duty sod cutter on the market to transport.

Key Features

  • Four-wheel design, pneumatic tires and rear-wheel drive make this the most maneuverable, easy-to-use sod cutter on the market.
  • Lower vibration reduces operator fatigue.
  • Simple, easy-to-use depth adjustment.
  • Optional 9-inch blade available for curbing.
  • Lightweight and foldable handles means easy lifting, hauling and storage.
  • Two-year warranty.



“The KisCutter instantly became the favorite of our landscape customers renting sod cutters.”

Tim Lewis

“After removing 30,000 square feet of sod with the KisCutter, I can tell you this is the best purchase I have made in my 32 years of landscaping.”

Bob Jerszyk
Bob Jerszyk Landscapes

“They ask for the KisCutter by name and, if we don’t have one available, often they’ll just wait until one is available.”

Brian Johnson
North Suburban Rental

“People rent our new sod cutter for an all-day job, but it’s not uncommon for them to have it back in 4 hours with the job finished. Our KisCutter has been rented out almost every day since I got it last January.”

Joel Burghart
Jones Rent All

“We do a lot of curves, for pathways and patios, and the KisCutter is easier to use than other sod cutters. It is more maneuverable and just does a better job.”

Roy Zenor
It’s Your Yard Landscape

“We have used the KisCutter and it is awesome. It is easy to use, load and will make enough money in 3 weeks to pay for it.”

Mike Warstadt
All Star Landscaping

“Best sod cutter we ever used. We striped an entire residential lawn in a hour.”

John Glinn
Superior Landscape Contractors

“I thought it was going to be a toy, but it is the best sod cutter I ever used. My guys fight over who gets to use this unit.”

Scott Davis
Greenhouse Garden Center and Landscaping Inc
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