LS-22 Lawn Overseeder

  • Get superior results with the LS-22 Get superior results with the LS-22
  • Easy to operate, easy to get great results. Easy to operate, easy to get great results.
  • Before...and amazing results after. Before...and amazing results after.
  • 1 1/2 1 1/2" spacing on cutting blades that can be easily removed with two bolts.
  • Large pneumatic tires. Large pneumatic tires.

The LS-22 lawn seeder delivers maximum germination for superior overseeding results. Seeds over 30,000sq ft per hour. The LS 22 overseeder has a heavy duty and durable body with folding handles for easy loading and transporting. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, get better results and bigger profits.




Turfco's LS-22 Lawn Overseeder is capable of delivering maximum germination for superior lawn overseeding results. The optimized 1 1/2-inch blade spacing and micro-screw depth adjustment offers quick, accurate blade adjustments for optimal seed-to-soil contact in virtually any lawn seeding conditions. 

Key Features

  • Seeds over 30,000 square feet per hour.
  • Cutting blades are 1 1/2-inches apart for close seed spacing.
  • All controls are located on the handle—blade clutch, lift bail and positive seed flow control are within easy reach.
  • Large pneumatic tires make the LS-22 usable on almost all turf conditions.
  • The micro-screw depth adjustment allows accurate setting of the cutter blades for best seed/soil contact.
  • Folding handles for easy transport and storage.
  • Replace the blades without removing the cutting head—remove two bolts to replace a damaged blade in minutes.
  • Ergonomic clutch bail design for operator comfort.

LS 22


Easy to operate, easy to maneuver. Controls that are simple to understand, and easy to reach. Light enough to maneuver and get to where you need to go, with large pneumatic tires that move easily over uneven terrain and on sandy soil. Micro-screw depth control adjustments are quick and accurate. Want to increase your profits-easy, just add the LS-22 to your equipment selection.



“The Turfco LS-22 lawn overseeder is great. We made over $7,000.00 the first season we had it.”

Steve Oltman
Bauman Lawn Service

“For the price and performance, it is an absolute jewel. I paid for the LS-22 in three days.”

Les Jensen
JemTel Pest Management

“Good results. Overall the LS-22 does what it is suppose to do. I like the unit and it is excellent potential for additional income."

Craig Caldwell
Caldwell’s Lawn Maintenance Co

“We’ve been very happy with our slit seeder. It is heavy duty and durable but yet light enough to maneuver in tight situations. The maintenance has been easy and Jim is really helpful. Great machine!"

Alec McClennan
Good Nature Organic Lawn Care Service

“Our customers really like the LS22. The pneumatic tires help in sandy soil and uneven turf. The capabilities are nothing short of incredible.”

Brian Johnson
North Suburban Rental

“This is my 2nd LS-22. They are the most profitable piece of equipment I own. They pay for themselves in one day.

Kevin Popkins
Lawngevity Lawn

“We recovered our investment in just a few weeks with the LS-22.”

Stuart Franklin
Nature’s Lawn & Garden
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