Turfco upgrades smart controllers allowing for more topdressing control

posted on Friday, June 4, 2021 in Company News

WideSpin 1550

Turfco has upgraded the number of preset positions for storing specific spread applications from four to eight when used with the company’s WideSpin 1550 and CR-15 large-capacity topdressers allowing superintendents to control their topdressing programs more effectively.

Superintendents can also input travel speed into the on-board calculator to assure specific material application. The calculator uses the travel speed and desired spread rate as inputs to calculate the exact amount of material required for the specified tasks. 

“Having to reset your applications each time you go out is a thing of the past,” said Turfco Manufacturing Vice President, Scott Kinkead. “Now, you can save up to eight different presets with upgraded smart control on the WideSpin 1550 and CR-15 topdressers, and superintendents can preset different applications for greens, tees and approaches.”

WideSpin 1550 Smart Controller

According to the company, operators can:

  • Change to any of the saved spread applications on the fly. 
  • Switch the CR-15 over to heavier rates for landing zones or drainage areas.
  • Modify the rate and width when transitioning between greens, approaches and tees with the WideSpin 1550. 
  • Use the on-board calculator to determine exact material requirements.

The digital Smart Controller is an available option for the WideSpin 1550 and CR-15 in both the truck-mounted or tow-behind models.