Turfco: Torrent 2 PTO Debris Blower

posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 in Company News

NEW PTO Model Available

Torrent 2 PTO

Now you can get the same air power, rugged durability, and time-saving features of the Torrent 2 in a tractor-mounted PTO model. With the Torrent 2™ and MagnaPoint™ Technology, you can lock-in your settings, so your operator gets the most productive angle at every pass, saving up to two hours per day.

  • Connects to tractors with minimum 20 horsepower
  • Offers maneuverability, quiet operation and engine-free maintenance
  • Super-fast nozzle rotation speed increases productivity when making turns

Save on labor and maintenance while giving your course a new level of polish and playability. Call us at 1-800-679-8201 for more information or to try the Torrent 2 PTO model.