TriWave™ 60 Overseeder

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Working directly with golf course superintendents, Turfco® designed the innovative TriWave™ 60 Overseeder. TriWave’s 1 1/2" seed spacing, combined with three independent floating heads, greatly increases germination by following the contours of the terrain for consistent seed depth. Its WaveBlade technology creates clean, optimal slit widths for better seed-to-soil contact while keeping turf disruption to a minimum. A patent-pending delivery system places seed directly into the slit, reducing waste while further increasing germination. And, seed depth can be infinitely adjusted in the field to suit the needs of each situation.

  • 60-inch application width combines with close, 1 1/2" spacing to give you the most productive, high-germination rate seeder available.
  • Patented floating heads follow the ground contour—you won’t miss the low spots or destroy the high spots or unmarked sprinkler heads.
  • Patented seed delivery system puts seed directly into the slit, reducing waste and increasing germination.
  • Patented WaveBlade technology, counter-rotating at 900RPM, creates a clean, optimal square slit while minimizing turf disruption.
  • Patented depth adjustment allows for infinite, in-field adjustment to suit your specific needs, no tools required.
  • Close 1 1/2" spacing increases germination with fewer passes.
Model: TriWave 60 Overseeder; product number 85851
Width: 74" (1.88 m)
Height: 51" (1.3 m)
Length: 40" (1.02 m) (without PTO shaft)
Capacity: 4.77 cubic feet (8,251 cubic inches)
Application Pattern: Seed spacing 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) apart
Application Width: 60" (1.52 m)
Seed Gate: Manually operated, variable opening
Ground Speed: Up to 5.5 MPH (8.85 km/h)
Productivity: Up to 3 acres per hour
Cutting Heads: 3 heads, independently floating
Blade Assembly: 3 WaveBlade sets, total 30 blades
Blade Assembly Operating Depth Range: 0 to 1 3/8" (0 to 34.9 mm)
35 HP minimum to 60 HP maximum
(26.1 kw to 44.7 kw)
Drive: 540 PTO (tractor)
Hitch Type: Category 1 or Category 2, 3-pt. hitch
Weight: 1,150 lbs. (521.6 kg) (hopper empty)
Maximum Weight with Seed Hopper Full Approximately 1,250 lbs. (567 kg)
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"The TriWave 60 is the best seeder on the market, period! It's floating heads and unique blades hug the terrain and apply the desired amount of see into the slits for perfect germination and density. We use it effectively on both our bentgrass fairways and bluegrass roughs with no disruption to play. The TriWave 60 has been a game changer in our overseeding program."

Fred Gehrisch, Highlands Falls Country Club, NC

“The TriWave is the first overseeder that does exactly what we want it to do. That's something I've never been able to say about any other overseeder.”

Dale Caldwell, Superintendent
Minneapolis Golf Club, Minneapolis, MN