Truck Mounted WideSpin™ 1550 Topdresser

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Our patented WideSpin™ technology gave superintendents the freedom to accomplish the specific topdressing programs they needed. And now, with the new WideSpin™ 1550, we’ve taken topdressing control and precision to unprecedented levels—all while making operation even easier. Everything is easily adjustable for maximum control—belt speed, spinner speed, spinner angle and metering gate. And specially designed twin spinners provide a consistent spread, from superlight to heavy, and everything in between.

With the WideSpin 1550, we’re laying down a whole new standard in topdressing control and precision. The WideSpin 1550 features advanced technology that puts you in complete control of your topdressing program. You’ll get the application rates you want, when you need them…without leaving the seat.

  • New patented controller allows you to calculate your rates while also giving you a wider range of rates to choose from. Lock in your favorites using the controller’s four presets.
  • New hydraulic system and spinner design makes the patented WideSpin technology even more versatile while delivering a consistent, even spread. Go from a new, superlight application to heavy, and everything in between.
  • Get the exact spread you want as you move from greens to approaches to tees, at the push of a button.
  • Know your application rates, calculate the rates you want, and determine how much material you need to budget — all for the first time ever with our on-board calculator.
  • Reduce the number of passes and decrease traffic on your greens with WideSpin edge-to-edge applications.
  • Drive topdressing down into the turf canopy by adjusting the spinner angle, minimizing the need for brushing and eliminating variations in moisture content (spreads the same wet or dry).
  • Refill the hopper faster and with less spillage — galvanized hopper has 20% greater capacity and wider opening fits an 80” bucket.


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1550 Smart Control (#85822)

1550 Electronic Control (#85823)




Operator Control

Smart: 3-position switch; 4 programmable presets;
onboard rate calculator; instantaneous belt and
spinner speed control
Electronic: Standard 3-position switch with manual control for spinner and belt speed

Empty Weight

710 lbs without mounting kit (322 Kg)

Hopper Capacity

21 ft3 (0.59 m3) struck level; 25 ft3 (0.71 m3) heaped

Hopper Size

80" x 36.5" (2.03 x 0.92 m) at the top

Spreading Width

12' up to 40' (2.7 up to 12 m)

Spread Application

0.45 ft3 per 1,000 ft3 up to 12 ft3 per 1,000 ft3 using patented WideSpin Technology

Topdressing Speed

Up to 8 MPH (12.8 km/h)

Transport Speed

Up to 8 MPH (12.8 km/h)

Conveyor Belt

18" (0.46 m) wide pebble surface composition with heavy duty

Metering Gate

Manually operated with Light Spread/Heavy Spread Calibrations


Truck Powered Hydraulics




3 years




  • Mounting Kit to Toro Workman HDX and 2002 or later Toro Workman Trucks equipped with the Toro High Flow Hydraulic Kit (#86188)

  • Mounting Kit to John Deere ProGator Truck equipped with John Deere Hydraulic Auxiliary Kit (#86189)

  • Mounting Kit for Jacobsen XD Truck (#86502)

  • Trench-filler attachment (#86150), Cross Conveyor Attachment (#86181)

  • Storage Stand (#86197)






Cross-Conveyor Attachment Cross-Conveyor Attachment
Product #86181
Expand the usefulness of your topdresser by allowing them to be used for material handling duties. Quickly and easily attach. Use to top off bunkers, add mulch to flowerbeds, level and repack sprinkler heads and more.
Trench Filler Attachment Trench Filler Attachment
Product #86150
A trench filler attachment gives even more uses—and saves time and labor.

 “We wanted to take the guesswork and complicated mechanical adjustments out of topdressing and help superintendents achieve their agronomic goals.” 

Scott Kinkead, Executive Vice President, Turfco Manufacturing