CR-7 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler

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Cover more ground using less horsepower: The new CR-7 Topdresser and materials handler is designed to accommodate smaller equipment without sacrificing productivity. Ideal for sports complexes, fairways or renovation work, it features proven Turfco WideSpin™ technology to deliver your most accurate spread, from light to heavy, and up to 35-feet wide. The adjustable spinner angle—up to 17-degrees up or down—allows for greater turf penetration. A 1.8 cubic yard, self-cleaning galvanized hopper enhances efficiency when applying wet or dry material, including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood ships, soil conditioners and grass clippings. The optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor, featuring a 180-degree swivel, allows for access to tighter areas.

  • Designed for versatility, the CR-7 is ideal for topdressing, fixing washout areas, mulching, compost material, back-fill drainage trenches and for updating flowerbeds
  • Easily load and unload the 1.8 cubic yard capacity self-cleaning galvanized hopper
  • Easily access tighter areas with the optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor featuring a 180-degree swivel
  • With a seven-gallons-per-minute flow, easily handle a wide variety of wet or dry material including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood chips, soil conditioners and grass clippings
  • Patented three-position switch assure a clean application every time by turning on the attachments before the main conveyor
  • Standard 3-year warranty keeps you up and running


Hopper Capacity: 1.8 cubic yards
Transport speed: Up to 15 mph empty; 8 mph loaded
Hopper: Galvanized steel
Conveyor Belt: 18” wide, pebble grain surface with heavy-duty polyester cord. Single Seam.
Metering Gate: Full manual adjustment with curved gate
Controls: 3 position, hand held switch independently operates belt and attachments. Adjustable flow control sets speed of belt and attachments. Adjustable twin spinner sets angle for broadcast top dressing up to 15 degrees up or down
Drive: Tractor’s hydraulic system powers belt and attachments.
Wheels: Four 26.5 x 14-12 4 ply turf tires with walking high beam suspension
Hitch: Heavy duty pin hitch
Tractor Requirements: Minimum of 35 HP with one bank of hydraulics and 6 gpm flow.
Empty Weight: 1450 lbs. (657 kg)
Dimensions: 143” long x 76” wide x 64” tall
Optional: Material handler conveyor with swivel,
Spinners for top dressing 15’ to 35’ wide
Warranty: 3 years parts and labor

Foot print on the CR-7 is 16.8 psi.

Trench Filler Attachment Trench Filler Attachment
Product #86150
A trench filler attachment gives even more uses—and saves time and labor.
Cross-Conveyor Attachment Cross-Conveyor Attachment
Product #86181
Expand the usefulness of your topdresser by allowing them to be used for material handling duties. Quickly and easily attach. Use to top off bunkers, add mulch to flowerbeds, level and repack sprinkler heads and more.