CR-15 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler

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With the new CR-15 you can topdress fairways and driving ranges, rebuild tees, fill bunkers or trenches, clean up after storms and so much more. Spread virtually any wet or dry material, including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood chips, soil conditioners and grass clippings. Calculate and lock-in your preferred spread rates and widths into four programmable presets – making it possible for your change set-ups on the fly, without getting out of your seat.

For renovation, construction and daily maintenance, the new CR-15 has the big jobs covered. Built on the sturdy frame of the popular CR-10, our largest capacity material handler/topdresser now features the latest hydraulic system and spinner design, with patented smart controller, for the most precise, highest quality spread available.

With a three-year warranty, the CR-15 will quickly become the workhorse of your equipment fleet.


  • Hydraulic system and spinner design, spread virtually any wet or dry material
  • Patented smart controller with four programmable presets
  • The only fairway topdresser and material handler with a three-year warranty
  • Unique frame design keeps tongue weight consistent with shifting loads and provides greater clearance for attachments. No need to lift rear of unit to transport around the property keeping center of gravity low for consistent stability.
  • Self cleaning hopper keeps wide range of products flowing.
  • Simple, rugged design gives years of maintenance free operation
  • Heavy duty galvanized hopper minimizes rusting, eliminates paint flakes in topdressing
  • Rear mounted cross conveyor with 180 degree swivel gives easy access to tight areas and allows operator to evenly spread around material without moving machine.
  • Dual-beam suspension provides lower center of gravity for maximum stability.
  • "Fast Attach" system requires no tools when connecting attachments.
  • Large, 4-cubic-yard self-cleaning galvanized hopper can be unloaded in less than 30 seconds.
  • The rear of the CR-15 raises up to 6 ft for quick loading of topdressers, turf vehicles and spreaders.
  • Low profile and light PSI let you easily move large volumes of material.
  • Spinners allow you to set the type of application you want—from very light to medium or heavy— and broadcast width from 20 ft to 40 ft.

What you can get done with your CR-15

  • Rebuild tees
  • Fill irrigation trenches
  • Maintain & renovate cart paths
  • Topdress fairways
  • Fix washout areas
  • Renovate bunkers
  • Load topdressers
  • Fill bunkers
  • Topdress driving ranges
  • Update flowerbeds
  • Transfer material to hard-to-reach places
  • Clean up after storms
  • Back-fill drainage trenches
  • Renovate greens
  • Compost material


Model: CR-15 (#85442 without brakes) (#85443 w/ surge brakes)
Hopper Capacity: 4 cubic-yards (3.06 cubic meters), galvanized panels
Transport Speed: Up to 15 mph (24 km/h) empty 8 mph
(12.8 km/h) loaded; topdressing 6 mph (9.6 km/h)
Conveyor Belt: 32" (0.81 m) wide, pebble surface composition with
heavy duty polyester cord.
Metering Gate: Full manual adjustment with the ability to fully open
entire rear hopper panel.
Smart Control: 3-position switch; 4 programmable presets;
onboard rate calculator; instantaneous belt and
spinner speed control
Drive: Tractor’s hydraulic system powers belt and attachments.
Wheels: Four 31" x 15.5"-15" turf tires
Hitch: Heavy-duty, adjustable height pin hitch
Tractor Requirements: Minimum of 40 HP (29.4 kW) with one bank of hydraulics
Empty Weight: 3,600 lbs. (1630 kg)
Dimensions: 185" (4.7 m) x 84" (2.13 m) wide x 86" (2.18 m) tall
Optional: Conveyor Attachment (#86147)
Conveyor Attachment Swivel (#86149)
WideSpin Spinner Attachment (#86300)


Swivel Swivel
Product #86149
Material handler conveyor Material handler conveyor
Product #86147
Surge brakes on two wheels Surge brakes on two wheels
Product #85440
Spinners for topdressing 20' Spinners for topdressing 20'
Product #86174
(6.10 m) to 40' (12.19 m) wide

“Before we had the CR-10, it took all day to topdress our greens. Now, we can do half the greens with one CR-10 load and finish the whole job in about half the time.”

Mike Rienzi, Superintendent
Kiva Dunes Golf Course, Gulf Shores, AL


“I can't understand why all the major clubs don't have this piece of equipment in their shed. It's such a versatile piece of equipment.”

Duncan Kelso, Course Manager
Kings Hill Golf Club at West Mailling, Kent, United Kingdom