TriWave™ 45 Overseeder

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The NEW TriWave 45 can overseed and spotseed a variety of turf areas, including greens, fairways, roughs, tee boxes and driving ranges. It has new depth adjusters that allow operators to quickly adjust ot different turf conditions and seed varieties without tools, so superintendents can simply hook up the machine and go. The TriWave 45 quickly attaches to most turf vehicles, making it convient and efficient. It is ready to go in minutes, and now boast a 50 percent higher capacity hopper so it can run longer and cover more ground. The new design eliminates seed waste by closing and shutting off the seed box as soon as the operator finishes a pass. Patented floating heads won't miss low spots or destroy high spots. And our exclusive WaveBlade™ technology creates clean, square slits for optimal germination and minimal turf distruption. All these features combine to make the TriWave 45 the best way to get greener!

  • Hooks up to your favorite turf vehicle and seeds while you turn so you can follow greens, collars and contours. No tractor of PTOs required.
  • Patented floating heads follow the ground contour—you won’t miss the low spots or destroy the high spots or unmarked sprinkler heads.
  • Patented seed delivery system puts seed directly into the slit, reducing waste and increasing germination.
  • Patented depth adjustment allows for infinite, in-field adjustment to suit your specific needs, no tools required.
  • Close 1 1/2" spacing increases germination with fewer passes.
  • Dual 18-inch floating heads follow the contour of the ground while the patented seed delivery system works with the WaveBlade technology to optimize seed-to-soil contact with minimal turf disruption.
  • 40" inch application width combine with close seed spacing for optimal results anywhere you need to seed.
Product Numbers: 85858 - TriWave 45 equipped with factory installed Standard Fairway Blades 85859 - TriWave 45 equipped with factory installed Greens Blades
Width (Outside of tire to outside of tire  66"  (1.67m)
Height (Wheels down, cutting heads raised) 56.5" (1.43m)
Length (Wheels down, cutting heads raised) 81.5" (2.07m)
Seed Hopper Capacity 3.2 cubic ft (0.09 cubic meters)
Seed Application Pattern 20 rows spaced 1 1/2" (38.1 mm ) apart
Seed Application Width 40" (1.01m)
Seed Gate Automatic operation, adjustable variable opening
Ground Speed Operating Speed: 3 mph (4.8 km/h) Transport Speed: 6 mph (9.6 km/h)
Productivity 5, 868 yards/hour at 3 mph (4,897 sq meters/h at 4.8 km/h)
Cutting Heads 2 heads, independently floating
Blade Assembly 2 Blade sets, 20 blades total
Blade Assembly Operating Depth Range 0 to 1 3/8" (0 to 34.9 mm)
Engine 25 HP (18.4 Kw) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard with electric start
Electrical Fuse protected electric clutch and seed box motor. Requires customer supplied 12 volt DC group U1 battery
Hydraulics Hydraulic cylinder to raise/lower the wheels. Hydraulic power supplied by the tow vehicle
Clutch Electric clutch with double groove v-belt
Tongue and Hitch Equipped with wheel jack stand and safety chains. Uses standard 5/8" pin hitch
Tongue Weight 180 lbs (72.5 Kg) -seed hopper empty
Weight 1070 lbs (485 Kg) -seed hopper empty
Optional Equipment Hydraulic power unit - product #86196


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